Sea of Tranquility Memorial Location (Photo)Even those with only a little Lunar knowledge know the story of the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility (“Mare Tranquillitatis” in Latin).

Known universally as the place where visitors from Earth first set foot on Luna, the Sea of Tranquility is an immense and distinctive basin located in the northeastern quadrant of Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor.

Among the prominent features near the memorial site is the partially flooded Crater Jansen, and its family of “sister craters.” Farther northwest of the site is Crater Plinius, with the Sea of Serenity beyond. To the northeast are the Sinus Amoris (“Bay of Love”) and the Montes Taurus (“Taurus Mountains”).

Of course, about 500 kilometers directly south of the memorial is the famed site known as Statio Tranquillitatis (“Tranquility Base”), where humans first landed on the Moon in July 1969.

Honoring a friend or family member with a memorial on the Moon is a wonderful and distinctive personalized sympathy gift that can be viewed nearly any moonlit night, from anywhere in the world.

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Tranquility Moon Map (Sea of Tranquility Memorial)

Map of the Moon, showing the approximate location of the Lunar Memorial site near Crater Jansen (far right) at the Sea of Tranquility.