Combining history and a truly spectacular landscape…

Sea of Serenity Memorial Location (Thumbnail)The Sea Of Serenity (“Mare Serenitatis” in Latin) is among the largest of the lunar seas, encompassing more than 300,000-square kilometers in the northeastern quadrant of Earth’s nearest celestial neighbor.

The memorial is situated on the magnificent eastern “shore” of Serenity, north of the historic Sea Of Tranquility, near the sites of two manned lunar missions, Apollo 15 in 1971 and Apollo 17 in 1972 (to date, the last landing), and the stunning le Monnier Crater (at far right in the detail map below).

Beyond le Monnier to the east are the spectacular Montes Taurus (“Taurus Mountains”), a series of peaks covering an area of about 500 kilometers that also features numerous prominent craters, as well as the small but splendid Sinus Amoris (“Bay Of Love”).

Honoring a friend or family member with a memorial on the Moon is a wonderful and distinctive personalized sympathy gift that can be viewed nearly any moonlit night, from anywhere in the world.

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In The Sea of Serenity
Mare Serenitatis Moon Map (Sea of Serenity Memorial)

Map of the Moon, showing the approximate location of the Lunar Memorial site near le Monnier Crater (far right) at the Sea of Serenity.