Lake of Dreams (Thumbnail) This unique memorial is truly the stuff that dreams are made of.

The beautiful Lake of Dreams (“Lacus Somniorum” in Latin; sometimes referred to as the “Lake Of Sleep”) rests near the northeast edge of the Sea Of Serenity, close to scenic Crater Daniell and with marvelous vistas of massive Crater Posidonius. (See detail map below; the memorial site is near Crater Hall K, at the far right.)

The memorial location in the Lake of Dreams is adjacent to Crater M. Jackson (Posidonius J), named for the legendary moonwalking King Of Pop, who was also a prominent Lunar property owner. Read more about Crater M. Jackson.

Honoring a friend or family member with a memorial on the Moon is a wonderful and distinctive personalized sympathy gift that can be viewed nearly any moonlit night, from anywhere in the world.

Order A Lunar Memorial
In The Lake of Dreams
LAC-26 Eudoxus Moon Map (Somniorum Memorial Site)

Map of the Moon, showing the approximate location of the Lunar Memorial site near Crater Hall K (upper right).