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Q: My father passed away several years ago. Can I still register a Lunar Memorial in his name?

A: Yes. A Lunar Memorial may be registered in the name of any person, regardless of when they passed on.

Q: What do the Lunar Memorial documents look like?

A: Please see below.

Lunar Memorial Certificate (Sample)

Actual document will vary.

Q: Are Lunar Memorials only available in the United States?

A: No! Lunar Memorials have been dedicated to people everywhere around the world, and we can ship memorial packages anywhere.

Q: The person I want to honor with a Lunar Memorial is not famous. Is it possible to register a memorial as a tribute to her?

A: Lunar Memorials are not strictly intended for the rich and famous. Although craters have been named to honor Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson, John Lennon and other notable people, the overwhelming majority of Lunar Memorials honor “everyday people” from all walks of life.

Q: Are the documents available in my language? Are they available in A-4 size?

A: At this time, Lunar Memorial documents are only issued in the English language. Documents are printed on North American 8.5×11-inch “letter” size (about 216x280mm) material. We will offer documents in other languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian and Chinese (Mandarin), as well as documents in A-4 size, in the near future.

Q: My dog was my constant companion, and we considered her to be a family member. Is it possible to register a Lunar Memorial in her name?

A: A Lunar Memorial is a great way to honor the memory of any loved one, including a favorite pet. There is no restriction barring you from registering a memorial for your pet.

Q: The names of these lunar memorial locations — Lake of Dreams, Sea of Serenity, Bay of Rainbows, etc. — did you just make them up yourselves?

A: No! They are the officially-designated names of those locations, adopted during the last century and recognized internationally by the astronomic and scientific communities.

Q: Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here?

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