Bay of Rainbows Location (Thumbnail)

The name alone conjures up beautiful images…

The Bay Of Rainbows (“Sinus Iridum” in Latin) is perhaps the most singularly distinctive location on the Moon, a wide half-moon bay in Luna’s magnificent northwest region.

Ask any skywatcher and they’ll tell you that Rainbows is a true marvel, just northwest of the Sea Of Rains (Mare Imbrium) and surrounded by the stunning Jura Mountains, with dramatic Crater Bianchini and the landing site of Luna 17 just a short excursion away. (See detail map below; the memorial site is near Crater Bianchini G, in the upper left.)

Honoring a friend or family member with a memorial on the Moon is a wonderful and distinctive personalized sympathy gift that can be viewed nearly any moonlit night, from anywhere in the world.

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In The Bay of Rainbows
Sinus Iridum Moon Map (Bay of Rainbows Memorial Site)

Map of the Moon, showing the approximate location of the Lunar Memorial site near Crater Bianchini G (upper left) in the Bay of Rainbows